2020-2021 Season Tryouts

Must have USAV registration card, medical form, and $25 tryout fee when check in.

Click Here for Medical Form

All outstanding balances must be paid in full before trying out.

Players must complete the on-line “USAV Delta Region Player Membership” registration before they will be allowed on a court at tryouts. The registration fee is $52 for the year and covers supplemental insurance for the players.


NOTE: The check-in process can take a while depending on the number of girls trying out for your age group, so we encourage everyone to get there at least 15 to 20 minutes early.

Tryouts will be closed to all non players and non raters.


Any and all outstanding player fees from previous years must be paid in full prior to tryouts.



What to bring


  • Players need to wear a white short or long sleeve t-shirt. It does not need to be solid white. Players are not to wear club volleyball jerseys from previous years. Players will be assigned a pull-over penny that has a number on it. Players will wear the same numbered penny during each session.

  • A copy of the player’s USAV/Delta Region Membership Card. All players must be registered through the USA Volleyball parent organization prior to tryout.

  • A medical release form (you will find on the delta volleyball website www.deltavolleyball.net). Must be filled out and signed by player and parent.

  • $25 tryout fee (cash or check). The tryout fee is non-refundable.

  • Appropriate attire; athletic shoes, knee pads



Tryout Process


Tryouts will consist of 2 sessions and players will participate in a variety of skill related drills and competitive play scenarios.


Evaluations during tryouts will be performed by a selection committee for each age group. Selection committees consist of the head coaches of the teams for that particular age group, a board member, and a qualified (non FSJ) guest rater.  Every effort is made by the club to ensure a non bias selection process. The club strives to place raters in age groups where they have no direct connection to the players. However, we acknowledge that we do live in a relatively small community and the regional volleyball community is even smaller so some indirect connection is likely to occur.


Teams will be created based on skill level and performance during tryouts. The goal of the selection committees is to place each player on the team where they have the best opportunity to develop their individual skills as well as contribute to the success of the team. Teams are designated as National, Regional Plus, and Regional. National teams being more competitive, Regional being more developmental, and Regional Plus being in the middle.  Player fees, travel and tournament schedules for the respective teams will reflect these attributes.

National teams consist of 8 to 11 players depending on the perceived skill level cutoff determined by the selection committee during tryouts. Regional Plus and Regional teams will typically consist of 7 to 10 players. Deviations in roster size can only be approved by the Board of Directors.


Due to limited number of qualified coaches as well as practice space, it is possible that not all players will receive an invite to participate on a team. In some cases, players may be offered an invitation as a “practice player”. Additionally FSJ has a developmental program called Winter League that players are encouraged to participate in if they re not selected for a travel team.



Injured or unable to attend


If a player cannot participate in the tryouts due to an injury, the coaches of that age group, the VP of Player Development and the Club Director will collectively place the injured player on the team they deem would be appropriate, had that player been able to fully participate in the tryout sessions.


If a player can only attend a portion of the tryouts due to a matter unrelated to an injury, then the player will be rated based on the time they are in attendance. However, the selection committee reserves the right to ask players to attend another age group’s tryout session if they feel it is necessary and there are additional sessions yet to take place.


If a player cannot attend either of the tryout sessions and they wish to be considered for team placement, the player must submit their reason for not attending, in writing to a club board member, before the assigned start time for the player’s age group. At that point the board will determine the validity of the reason for missing and how to proceed with team placement for that particular player.



Posting of Teams


Once tryouts are concluded, team invitations will be posted on the FSJ website the following evening under the “teams” tab. Players must respond and accept or decline their team invite and make the first scheduled player fee payment within 48 hours or risk losing their spot on the team.



After Tryouts


Practices for FSJ teams officially begin the first full week of December. However, some coaches may on their own accord elect to begin practices prior to that. Practices for any teams with coaches tied to the UAFS program will most likely be delayed due to the ongoing college season. FSJ will make efforts to organize practices for these teams but this cannot be guaranteed.


Each team is required to have a preseason meeting involving all of their coaches, players and parents and a representative from the FSJ Board.


Each team will need to select a chaperone and have them attend the Chaperone meeting. Date TBD.


Fundraising opportunities can begin immediately. See the webpage for details.


The first official tournament for each team will take place in January.