Battle at the Fort (BAF) Buyout Fee - Each player is automatically assessed a BAF Buyout Fee at the 
beginning of the season. If player parents (or player representatives) choose not to work their required
2 shifts at the Battle at the Fort tournament, the Gross Fee will remain for that player. If the player
parents (or player representatives) do work their required shifts, a credit will be applied to their account.
The credit will be earned as follows: $50 credit for working 1st shift, $50 credit for working 2nd shift.
The required shifts are: set up at Convention Center or FSJ facility, and tear down at Convention Center or FSJ Facility.  


Every player is required to have a parent/guardian or family member work a shift during the BAF the opposite weekend the 
team plays this is not part of the buyout.  Fundraising activities such as program ads or candle sales cannot be used to offset 
the fee.  


*The club begins incurring expenses relating to each player/team once registration is over. An  

agreement is made between the club and every family that the player fees will be  paid in full.  

When that is not done it can have a widespread negative affect on everyone.  We expect all to  

understand that and fulfill their agreement to pay their total fees.  


*Player accounts/payments must be kept up to date.  Falling behind can result in the player not  

being allowed to participate in practice or tournaments until the account is made current. 

Player accounts not paid in full by season end may incur a late payment penalty. Also a player may not tryout the following season if they still have a previous balance. 


*You may get a refund of payments previously paid if Fundraising efforts would put the total  

amount paid above the total amount of fees for the season.  


*The above fees do not cover registration fees to USAV, tryout fees to FSJ, uniforms or travel costs.