The mission of FSJ is to develop young athletes by providing a positive and safe environment that develops character, teaches teamwork, and builds life skills by utilizing the sport of volleyball as our platform.

Important Info for Players 18 or turning 18 during the upcoming season. 

  1. Athletes turning 18 during the season, whose teammates are minors, will be required to take “Core” SafeSport training upon turning 18-years-of-age. To avoid any disruption in play, an athlete may complete the training at age 17, given parental consent to do so. Once a player has turned 18, he or she will not be permitted to continue play until “Core” SafeSport training has been completed. We highly recommend you give parental consent to allow the 17 year old athlete to take SafeSport (if turning 18 before the end of the season) at the beginning of the season. It would be pretty awful if you are attending a tournament out of town and your 17 year old has a birthday during the event and they have not completed SafeSport—because they will not be allowed to participate. The link for the Parental Consent form is