The Fort Smith Sands tournament is for junior players, with divisions for 12U, 14U, 16U & 18U. 2 players per team. It is open to girls, boys and co-ed teams. Boys must be 13 and younger.


   Saturday, June 23


         12 and under - 5 teams max

         14 and under - 10 teams max

   Sunday, June 24


         18 and under - 15 teams max



   $80 per team


   Next Level Athletic Training Facility; located at 3805 Planters Rd, Fort Smith (enter through The Egg & I parking lot)


Start time

   8:00 AM



   To register a team email the following information to

      Tournament Name

     Players Names


     Birth Dates

     Team Name  If no team name then they will be listed by players' last names.


   For seeding purposes please indicate how many tournaments the players have competed in (or will have competed in) prior to

         June 22 - include tournaments from previous seasons.

   Mail $80 check to Next Level, 3805 Planters Rd, Fort Smith, AR 72918 and write "Fort Smith Sands" in the note line.

   Team placement will be held once email is sent but team will not have permanent registration status until check is received. We

         will take teams on a waiting list and if check is not received before Monday, June 18, registered teams will be replaced by

         wait-listed teams that have payed. 

   Teams that are on the wait-list and are not entered will have their check returned to them.

Tournament Notes

       Teams with boy players will be placed in age group one age above the boy's age level - unless the girl player is 2 years older

          in which case they will play in her age group.

       ALL players must be registered with USAV and have a current 2018 membership to participate. Players will be asked to show

         copies of membership cards at time of check-in. Teams without proof of USAV membership will not receive a refund. A summer

         membership can be purchased for $20 by players that do not already have a 2018 membership from the indoor season. To

         add a membership click here: Deltavolleyball.

      Uniforms are not mandatory. Teams typically wear matching shirts or colors. Numbered tops are not necessary.

      Players must play barefoot or with sand socks.


   Round Robin Pool Play followed by single elimination bracket.

   Round 1 pools will play 2 games to 21 with no tie breaker. If 6-team pools, then will play 1 game to 28 with no tie breaker.

   There will be no paid officials. Teams sitting out will keep score and teams are expected to self officiate