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Gold Medal Squared Clinic

We are excited to offer a Gold Medal Squared clinic for our FSJ program this summer.  For those of you who are not aware, GMS is a national program designed to teach volleyball to coaches and players.  Many of their staff are current and former USA players, current USA Olympic coaches, and current college coaches.  GMS is a philosophy that teaches the fundamentals of volleyball and also offers statistical analysis for coaches to improve their teaching methods.  They have years of analysis and data to back their philosophies and theories.  GMS is taught at UA, UAFS and several of our local high schools.  I am happy to offer this program not only to continue to improve our quality of coaching, but also to offer this to our players to improve their fundamentals.

June 3-5th
Current FSJ players 13s and older
30 spots available (first come)

Tentative schedule:

Friday 5-6:30pm - Coaches Clinic (this should be 90 minutes)

Friday 6:30-9pm - Player Clinic with four teams/courts 

Saturday 8-10am - Coaches Clinic (we can cover passing, serving, and spiking mechanics here)

Saturday 10a-12:30p - Player Clinic with four teams/courts 

Saturday 1:30-2:30 - Defensive systems with coaches (classroom)

Saturday 2:30-5:00p - Player Clinic with four teams/courts (emphasis on defensive systems)

Saturday 5:00-5:15p - Coaches debrief 

Sunday 8:30-9:30 AM Tutoring setters with coaches and two of your setters

Sunday 9:30-Noon Players Clinic with four teams/courts 

Sunday 1p-3p - Players Clinic with four teams/courts

Sunday 3p - 15 minute wrap up with your staff in the classroom