Bordertown Brawl League Play 2021

                                                      January 9-10, 2021

                                                15's-16s on Saturday Jan 9th

                                                13s-14's on Sunday Jan 10th

                                                                   Non-National teams (unless playing up in age)

Due to current Arkanasas Covid guidelines, the Bordertown Brawl has had to be converted to a limited league play rather than a pool/bracket tournament. 2 teams per room. FSJ has 2 rooms. Play 3 matches then done. Opponents arranged for competitiveness. Family spectators may attend with no admission charge. Assigned seating areas for each team's spectators. BRING YOUR OWN CHAIR. Paid R1. No R2. Each team supply 1 scorekeeper and 1 line judge for their own matches. Covid checks done upon entering with plenty of sanitizing, fogging, and social distancing going on. Separate entrance and exits. Masks required for all except the players when on the court.

Limited Concessions will be available-Bottled drinks and prepackaged snacks.



Entry Fee $120
R1's provided
15's-16s Saturday January 9th, 2021

13s-14's Sunday January 10th, 2021

For any questions, please contact Theresa Morgan at

Fort Smith Juniors Facility
5709 S. 73rd Place 
Fort Smith, AR