FSJ is excited to announce its now 3rd annual Sand Volleyball Tournament, the FSJ 2019 Beach Blast!!!  This  tournament is for junior players, with divisions for 12U, 14U, 16U & 18U. 2 players per team. It is open to girls, boys and co-ed teams.


   Saturday, June 15th


         12 and under 

         16 and under

   Sunday, June 16th


         14 and under 

         18 and under 


   $80 per team 



   Next Level Athletic Training Facility; located at 3805 Planters Rd, Fort Smith (enter through The Egg & I parking lot)


Start Time

   8:00 AM

Check In Time

   7:30 AM




   To Register please fill out the following Entry Form



    Make CHECK payable to: FSJ

    Mail $80 check to Jeff Mosby (Tournament Directory) 9015 Timberlyn Way, Fort Smith, AR 72903

    PLEASE write Beach Blast in the note line on check.

      Team placement will be held once entry form is submitted but team will not have permanent registration status until payment is          received.

      We will take teams on a waiting list and if check is not received before Tuesday, June 10th, registered teams will be replaced by

      wait-listed teams that have payed. 

      Teams that are on the wait-list and are not entered will have their check returned to them.


    Pool Play Matches
         5 team pool play matches will be 1 set to 21 Win by 2 NO CAP
         4 team pool play matches will be 1 set to 28 Win by 2 NO CAP

         3 team pool play matches will be 2 sets to 21 Win by 2 NO CAP 
    Bracket Play Matches
         All bracket matches are 1 set to 28 except until semifinals and finals depending on age division. The finals will be 2 out of 3 sets to 21, third set to 15 NO CAP

         Warm-up: 5 minutes (shared) 

         Players will officiate the whole tournament. One of the players can be the 1st official, the other one will flip score. 
         Be aware that in bracket play the losing team must stay and officiate the next match on the court. 
    Officiating Penalties: Failure to provide officiating crew for your assignment could results in the forfeit of the your next match. For             every minute the officiating crew is late or incomplete, one point will be given to their opponent (up to 21-0 forfeit). The clock               starts at match time.

Tournament Notes

       Teams with boy players will be placed in age group one age above the boy's age level - unless the girl player is 2 years older

       in which case they will play in her age group.

       ALL players must be registered with USAV and have a current 2019 membership to participate. Players will be asked to show

       copies of membership cards at time of check-in. Teams without proof of USAV membership will not receive a refund. A summer

       membership can be purchased for $10 by players that do not already have a 2019 membership from the indoor season. To

        add a membership click here: Deltavolleyball.

Dress Code/Attire

       Uniforms are not required however matching color tops are encouraged. All athletes required to wear a top that covers                       midsection when standing. Girls can wear bottoms such as spandex, shorts, or leggings. No bikinis will be permitted. Boys can         wear bottoms such as swim trunks, surf shorts or volleyball shorts. No brief type swim trunks. This is mandatory at all Delta And         National events.

       * Block counts as a contact
       * No Open hand tips
       * One Toss per serve
       * Players may not "set" the ball or contact the ball with finger action in an attempt      to play the ball when receiving the serve.
       * Any contact with any part of the net by a player's body is a violation.
       * Players handling the ball must set the ball in direction they are facing or directly behind them (shoulders squared) when

         returning the ball over the net.
       * Side Changes in multiples of seven (7) when the set goes to 21.  Side changes in multiples of five (5) when the set goes to 15.
       * Time-Outs: Each team is allowed one 30 second time-out per set.
       * Active coaching is limited to time-outs and in between sets and matches.  Active coaching is allowed during side changes. 

         The coach may not enter the court.  The interaction must take place during the time allowed when players change sides

         of the court and play must immediately begin after the side change.
       * Athletes may wear socks or sand socks during competition. No shoes, sandals, etc. may be worn during competition.

       * No Bikinis

If you have any questions please email Jeff Mosby at jmosby@fortsmithschools.org or call at 479-629-5167

Need USAV numbers at Check-in!!!!!!!!!
Summer Membership is $10 - see below
We will play despite any rain - could be a delay for lightening
Do Not Park in the EGG&I Parking, go through gates or at Granger tools or you will be towed.
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