FSJ Beach Volleyball

FSJ is excited to offer our 3rd year of sand volleyball.

Here is a bunch of information about some sand programs in the River Valley starting soon.  Some of the activities are sponsored by USAV and FSJ Volleyball while some are sponsored by Next Level in Fort Smith. Important to note that a player does not have to be a member of FSJ Volleyball to participate in any of these activities. It is FSJ’s goal to share the information and hope that all area players that want to play some sand volleyball will do so. What follows is information on a free play night, youth leagues, and USAV youth sand tournaments.


Free Play Youth Sand-

This will run on Thursdays beginning May 2 from 530-730. Cost is $10 when you arrive any week. Location is the Next Level facility at 3805 Planters Rd in Fort Smith. FSJ will have a sand coach (Coach Mel Goncalves) there to give some direction, explain the rules, and keep it organized as needed. But the goal is to let the youth play. This might be a good place to find a partner, learn the rules, or simply play another night of the week. Players do not have to belong to USAV or FSJ to participate. If they don’t have a current annual indoor or summer USAV registration ($10) their parent can simply sign a waiver form. The USAV registration provides the secondary insurance you are familiar with if played JO indoors. Do not expect a bunch of drills or a practice, this is to pair up and play. No preregistration required just show up.



Youth Leagues-

The youth leagues will be set up and run by Next Level in Fort Smith. 10s-14s will play on Tuesdays, starting April 23, while 15-17s will play on Thursdays. I’ve put the links for each league below so they should answer most questions. Each league runs 6 weeks followed by a tournament on June 1. Then a second session should begin soon after. Some clarification, Next Level knows that some players might not be able to start until after their indoor Delta Qualifier April 27-28. That isn’t a problem. It’s the unknown “no shows” that would result in removal from the league. Players do not have to belong to any indoor JO club to participate. For USAV purposes, they also do not have to take out a USAV summer membership as it’s not a USAV sponsored activity. However, I believe Next Level may require some type of USAV membership so that all of the teams could then easily enter any of the USAV tournaments listed below. Please contact Jessica with Next Level at 479-769-0484 with any questions. The links to entry forms are included here.


12s and Under - Tuesdays

Click Here for Information and registration

13s & 14s - Tuesdays
Click Here for Information and registration



15-16-17s - Thursdays

Click Here for Information and registration



USAV Youth Sand Tournaments-

The Delta Region of USAV has 9 sand tournaments this year. USAV Beach Nationals is July 18-23. Players MUST be registered with USAV to participate in these USAV events or it nullifies the results for ALL participants. Their existing annual USAV registration or the $10 Summer membership will count and get the secondary insurance for injuries at the USAV sanctioned event. Players do not have to belong to any club and they don’t have to be indoor players. You can have a sand membership as an individual. Players can also play with whomever they want regardless of what indoor club they might have played with or they might not have played indoor JO.


The format for all these tournaments are the same. Playing 2 vs 2. $80 per team. 12s and 16s on Saturday. 14s and 18s on Sunday. So some teams might choose to play both days. NO COACHING during play. No gate. May or may not have concessions. Pool play followed by bracket. Etc. Here is the list of tournaments by date, location, sponsoring USAV club. Can go to their websites to get the entry forms.


May 11-12 – Fayetteville – Ozark Jrs

May 18-19 – Little Rock – 501 Volley

May 25-26 – Fayetteville – Ozark Jrs

June 1-2 – Memphis – Metro

June 8-9 – Little Rock – Delta Qualifier

June 15-16 – Fort Smith – FSJ - Click Here for Tournament Info

June 22-23 – No tournament

June 29-30 – Little Rock – 501 Volley

July 6-7 – Fort Smith – FSJ - Click Here for Tournament Info

July 13-14 – Little Rock – 501 Volley

July 18-23 – USAV Beach Nationals



  •   Doubles provides the best in random, game-like volleyball experiences with a high number of contacts per person. Each player's weaknesses are practiced throughout the game - if you're a bad passer, you get served. If you're a bad setter, you partner is served and you must set.

  •   You are forced to become a better player, and to extend your range on defense as you are required to cover the entire court.

  •   You develop communication skills with a single partner before moving on to a 6-person system.

  •   You are able to enhance strength and conditioning through increased movement.

  •   You learn the responsibility of playing every play with your partner.

  •   Whether it's on the beach or grass, 4-on-4 or 2-on-2, outdoor volleyball is a fun and effective way to gain valuable playing experience and to get an edge on other players.

  •   Play hard, play often and play outdoors to become a better all-around player.

  •   You get to coach yourself!

  •   Collegiate Beach Volleyball was approved to become a championship NCAA D1 sport in October, 2014 and D2/D3 in January, 2015.

    Beach Volleyball is on the rise with many NCAA schools adding Beach Volleyball to their athletic programs, with additional opportunities for scholarships.  

Location: Next Level training facility located at 3805 Planters Rd, behind The Egg & I on Hwy 71 South.