Battle at the Fort 2021



Due to current Arkansas Covid guidelines, the Battle at the Fort has had to be converted to a limited league play at the FSJ facility rather than a pool/bracket tournament. 2 teams per room. FSJ has 2 rooms. Play 3 matches back-back-back. Entry fee of $120 per team. Teams can arrive 30 minutes prior to playing. After playing the 3 matches in their wave, they are done for the weekend and must leave the facility. Opponents are arranged for competitiveness. So the top seeds in the same wave, then next level in a different wave, etc. Paid R1. No R2. Each team supply 1 scorekeeper and 1 line judge for their own matches. Suggest get a couple parents trained. No one else will be at the playing court. Family spectators may attend with no admission charge. Spectators will be sitting on the adjacent court on their assigned half court. Each family group in their own marked off area. BRING YOUR OWN CHAIR. Due to seating being on our tiled court, only screw top bottled drinks are allowed. Covid checks done upon entering with plenty of sanitizing, fogging, and social distancing going on. Separate entrance and exits. Masks required for all except the players when playing on the court. Anyone not willing to wear a mask please do not enter. Anyone not able to pass all the standard Covid screening questions please do not enter.

The goal for this league play is to simply let the players  have a few matches in the safest environment we can offer.

Limited Concessions will be available-Bottled drinks and prepackaged snacks. NO COFFEE ALLOWED. If that spills on our courts we will smell that for years once it hits the mats below.

Pre-ordered t-shirts will be offered. Please see the details below.



Entry Fee $120
R1's provided
15's-18s January 30th or 31st, 2021

11s-14's February 6th or 7th, 2021

3 standard matches - 2 out of 3 to 25, 3rd set to 15

Saturday 1/30-

15s Pools - 800 am / 1130 am

16s Pools - 300 pm

Sunday 1/31 -

17/18s Pools - 900 am / 1230 pm

Saturday 2/6-

11s Pool - 730 am

12s Pool - 1100 am

14s Pools - 230 pm / 600 pm

Sunday 2/7 -

13s Pools - 800 am / 1130 am / 300 pm

For any questions, please contact Theresa Morgan at

Fort Smith Juniors Facility
5709 S. 73rd Place 
Fort Smith, AR




January 30-31, 2021 AGES 15s-18s
February 6-7, 2021 AGES 11s-14

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Copy of first.jpg

***Week 1 order deadline is Jan 27

***Week 2 order deadline is Feb 3

Wave Playing Times By Day

Let the Battle Begin!


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