Posting of Teams


Once tryouts are concluded, team invitations will be posted on the FSJ website the following evening under the “teams” tab. Players must respond and accept or decline their team invite and make the first scheduled player fee payment within 48 hours or risk losing their spot on the team.



After Tryouts


Practices for FSJ teams officially begin the first full week of December. However, some coaches may on their own accord elect to begin practices prior to that. Practices for any teams with coaches tied to the UAFS program will most likely be delayed due to the ongoing college season. FSJ will make efforts to organize practices for these teams but this cannot be guaranteed.


Each team is required to have a preseason meeting involving all of their coaches, players and parents and a representative from the FSJ Board.


Each team will need to select a chaperone and have them attend the Chaperone meeting. Date TBD.


Fundraising opportunities can begin immediately. See the webpage for details.


The first official tournament for each team will take place in January.





All players of FSJ teams are required to wear the official team jersey and black spandex shorts. Specific types and colors of shoes, socks and knee pads are not required by the club (but must be worn to play). Teams may elect on their own to wear matching accessories.


Jersey fittings will be conducted during the tryouts. Specific times will be designated for each age group to try on jerseys either immediately before or after so plan accordingly. Specific times will be announced later.