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Where are tryouts held?

All tryouts will be held at our practice facility located at 5720 S. 73rd Place in Fort Smith, AR.

What do I need to bring anything to tryouts?

The first day of tryouts you will need to bring the following:

  • Current membership registration card for Delta Region/USA Volleyball for each player trying out
  • a printed out & completed medical release form including signature of player and parent/guardian
  • water bottle, we do have a water-filling station
  • a mask to enter and leave the building
  • a positive attitude

The second day of tryouts players should bring their own drink

Players should be in appropriate attire including athletic shoes and knee pads for all tryout sessions. 

Can I wear a player jersey from previous years to tryouts?

Players are not to wear club volleyball jerseys from previous years. Players need to wear a white shirt (does not have to be solid white).  They will be given a number to wear during tryouts.

How long are tryouts?

Tryouts will consist of 2 sessions (3 sessions may be necessary depending on the number of players in an age group) where players will participate in a variety of skill related drills and competitive play scenarios.

These session usually last one and a half to two hours to properly evaluate all of the players.

What if I am unable to attend both days of tryouts?

If a player can only attend a portion of the tryouts due to a matter unrelated to an injury, then the player will be rated based on the time they are in attendance. However, the selection committee reserves the right to ask players to attend another age group’s tryout session if they feel it is necessary and there are additional sessions yet to take place.

What if I am unable to attend tryouts but want to play for FSJ?

If a player cannot attend either of the tryout sessions and they wish to be considered for team placement, the player must submit their reason for not attending in writing  along with a copy of their membership card and medical release form, to a club board member, before the assigned start time for the player’s age group. At that point the board will determine the validity of the reason for missing and how to proceed with team placement for that particular player. 

What do I do if I am injured before or during tryouts but still want to be considered for a team?

If a player cannot participate in the tryouts due to an injury, the coaches of that age group, the VP of Player Development, and the Club Director will collectively place the injured player on the team they deem would be appropriate, had that player been able to fully participate in the tryout sessions.