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About Teams Makeup

How many players are on a team?

National teams consist of 8 to 11 players depending on the perceived skill level cutoff determined by the selection committee during tryouts. Regional Plus and Regional teams will typically consist of 7 to 10 players. Deviations in roster size can only be approved by the Board of Directors.

How are team selections made?

Players tryout and are placed on teams based on a combination of skill evaluations and team composition needs. The tryout results are determined from a 3-member evaluation committee based on a combination of scrimmages, drills, and exercises that bring out players’ effort, ability to communicate, physical talents, competitiveness, attitude and effort. The team composition needs are determined by each individual coach's decision as to how many players are needed at each position (setter, middle blocker, outside hitter, passer, etc).

The goal is to assign players to teams where they will have the best chance of individual success and be most capable of making a significant contribution to the team's success, as well as to meet the needs of the teams to allow for the strongest possible lineup.

How is playing time determined?

Playing time is up to the sole discretion of the individual team’s coach. The philosophy of FSJ is that parents pay for “practice time”, not playing time. We understand that there is a cost involved with dues and potentially with travel expenses, however the goal of each team is to compete and to win each match they play in. Coaches of “club” teams are encouraged to emphasize player development over a winning at all cost strategy and these coaches typically try to make accommodations for every player regardless of skill.

What if my child is a multi-sport athlete?

Once teams are determined each coach holds a team meeting to discuss and identify potential conflicts and then schedule the season’s practices and tournaments accordingly. FSJ should never interfere with school activities or sporting events.

What do I do if there is an issue on the team?

If a player has an issue on the team they are placed on, the player should bring the issue up with the coach first.  If this doesn't work, the parent and the player may speak to the coach.  If the issue still isn't resolved, the parent and/or the coach may request a meeting with a board member present.

Does everyone get on a team?

Due to limited number of qualified coaches as well as practice space, it is possible that not all players will receive an invite to participate on a team. In some cases, players may be offered an invitation as a “practice player”. Additionally FSJ has a developmental program called Winter League that players are encouraged to participate in if they re not selected for a travel team. 

How will we know what team my child is on?

Once tryouts are concluded, invitations will be emailed to join the FSJ Volleyball Club.   Players will need to accept this invitation A DELTA COMMITMENT form will also need to be signed and returned to FSJ after accepting placement with the club.  Once all invitations have been accepted team rosters will be posted on the FSJ website under the “teams” tab.